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Automatic Food Timer
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Introducing the Home Aquarium Food Timer.

Scope of application: It is ideal for aquarium enthusiasts during holidays or rush hours. It can be operated automatically in a state where the battery is electrically active.
Unlimited feeding days. 
Suitable for feeding foods in various shapes

➡️ This Adjustable Automatic Fish Feeder is a smart tool. The model AF2005D and AF2009D are feeding 1~4 times a day.

➡️ Free to set the feeding size per time. AF2003 can only be fed 1~2 times a day. Feeder opening depends on fish species.

Design to prevent moisture or knot in the feed. The filling is convenient, there are two kinds of placement, can be applied to a variety of fish tanks. It will feed your fish on time and release the appropriate amount of food each time. (excluding batteries shipped)

Functional description: It can be loaded into the bin without disassembly, and can be set for multiple feeding after 24 hours.

Operation instructions: 1.Open the battery cover, loaded into 2x & amp; AA& 1.5V alkaline batteries, can not use rechargeable batteries, when the LCD appears Lo symbol, indicating that the battery is running out, at this time should replace the battery, if the battery 3 days after the battery has not changed, all the execution program will automatically shut down. To prevent the feed box from stopping in unreasonable position.

Device positioningDepending on the form of the fish tank, the feeder can be installed in two ways.

A. Arrange the bracket on the edge of the fish tank, tighten the plastic rose. Slide the bottom dovetail groove of the feeder body into the bracket chute and adjust The whole feeder position ensures that the outlet of the Feed box is aimed at the tank openings.

B. Separate the velcro on both sides and rip off the sticker on the back of the feeder, and attach it to the bottom of the feeders and the fish tank cover properly Position and then install the feeder through the Magic sticker on the tank lid to ensure that the Food box outlet is aligned to the tank openings.

Package list: 1*PC Automatic feeder 1 x Sticker 1 x Manual

 Max Output: 200g Volume: 100ml Min Output: 50g

Number of gears: 2
Colour: Black
Feed Box Capacity: 100ml
Time&Amount Setting: Support
Display: LCD Screen

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