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Interactive Feather Toy
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Introducing.....The Interactive Feather Toy!

This Automatic cat toy is a great gift ⭐️ for cat owners. Great for older cats also. It makes your cat exercise and have alot of fun. Makes even the laziest cats move, keeping them from boredom.

➡️ Automatic steering keep cats chasing freely, also built-in colorful LED light and its tantalizing feather is always on both sides and flapping, this can deeply increase cat’s interest and quickly arouse the cat’s instinct to chase and hunt.

➡️ The feathers are detachable, easy to disassemble, gradual lighting, one-key switch. One button, two speeds, multi-track irregular movement, suitable for different cats.

➡️ Double motor drive tracks toy , automatic direction change, automatic sensing obstacle barrier, colorful wheel lights, feathers attachment. It can play with the cat autonomously, and makes your kitten get more exercise, Will help with loneliness and anxiety.

Safety Material: The Cat toy outer shell is made of environmentally friendly ABS and A grade silicone wheel, Even if the cat scratches and bites the cat toy, you don’t have to worry about damage. Suitable for multiple floor surfaces like wooden floor, tile floor, thin carpet.

Charging reminder: The light flashes when charging, and the light stays on when fully charged. Internal 500mAh rechargeable battery ensure continuous use for 3 hours after being fully charged for 1 hour. Under smart timing setting, the cat toy will automatically turn off after running for 30 min. 

Moving LED Lights USB Rechargeable, irregular movement, It has two levels that are  adjustable. 

4*Imitation feather 
1*Data cable 
1*Cat toy

Toys Type: Feather Toys
Origin: CN(Origin)
Is Smart Device: No
Material: Plastic

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