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Pet Ear Cleansing Wipes
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Having a pet is a fun and rewarding experience yet one that also entails certain obligations. You must ensure they stay happy and safe from harm. One often overlooked aspect of pet care is regularly cleaning their ears. This could lead to ear infection later on. Hidden away from plain sight ticks and mites can propagate within your furry friend’s ears and cause irritations. Fortunately you can do something to prevent this from happening.
These wipes can remove irritants from your pet’s ear canal lowering the risk of infection and keeping them healthy!
KEEPS YOUR PET DISEASE-FREE Animals have limited ways of telling you exactly what is bothering them. So it is your responsibility to make sure they are protected. A weekly hygiene routine using ear cleaning wipes can greatly help with preventing a host of health issues and removing foul odors. Our wipes easily take out wax and dirt build up in your pet’s ear canal which can accumulate and become a feeding ground for ear mites infection-causing organisms and yeast.
SAFE NATURAL & EFFECTIVE Our ear wipes are made from soft cotton soaked with a soothing moisturizing formula that contains natural ingredients such as pure water and Aloe Vera. With each swipe they gently deodorize and sweep away foreign particles within your pet’s ears leaving them feeling clean comfortable and refreshed. MedPal products are proudly made in the United States of America. We use only safe compounds and substances and strictly abide by Cruelty-Free practices.
PET & PARENT APPROVED Pet owners simply love our ear wipes for helping their furry friends stay free from parasites. With 100 pieces of all-natural ear cleaning wipes in each container you’ll be able to maintain the cleanliness of your pet’s ears for months and prevent infections from compromising their health.
GETS RID OF ALLERGENS Using our pet ear cleaning wipes regularly can eradicate pesky substances that cause allergic reactions. By eliminating dust pollen and other airborne elements from your pet’s ear you can reduce the probability of infections and health problems associated with them. To maximize its potential we strongly suggest that you clean your pet’s ears at least once a week and use at least two pads for every ear.
REMOVES PESTS & PARASITES Your four-legged best friend’s ears are warm dark and moist making them prime real estate for pests like ticks fleas and ear mites. Our ear wipes not only work to clean but also take out these parasites. And with consistent use you prevent any infestation from happening again leaving your pet feel more comfortable. They will become much healthier and thank you for it!
PROMOTES OVERALL HEALTH Prevention is better than cure. Allowing your pet to have clogged or infected ears are absolute torture and just plain cruel. As a responsible pet owner you need to take steps to ensure that your pet’s ears are as healthy as possible. Now cleaning their ears using our wipes won’t be a chore. Watch them look and feel better overall and live a more enjoyable and active life with you.


VET APPROVED FORMULA – The Medpal Wipes Are Approved by Leading Vets and Trusted by Thousands Around the World. Successfully Proven to Clean & Deodorize Your Pets Ears!
GENTLE YET EFFECTIVE – Medpal wipes are developed using a precise combination of ingredients to gently Remove Dirt Wax Crust And Discharge from the Ear! Successfully Proven to be The Most Gentle Yet Effective Cleansing Formula!
ANTI ODOR & ANTI ITCH FORMULA – Manufactured with Natural Properties which Help Soothe Itchiness and Irritation. These Wipes Remove Foul Odors Caused by Excess Build-up in The Ears.
SOFT BLENDED COTTON WIPES – MedPal’s Wipes Are Made from Soft Blended Cotton. Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears is now Simple and Easy No More Measuring or Spilled Solutions!



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