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Hip Sling Lift
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⭐️The perfect hip lift support for your dog⭐️



✔ Our Hip Sling Lift was designed especially for dogs that have problems supporting their own weight on their back legs.

✔ Ideal solution for dogs that are disabled, have hip dysplasia, arthritis, spinal myelopathy, or any other condition that affects the strength and dexterity of their hind legs. 

✔ This sling is great for getting dogs in and out of vehicles, up and down stairs, and even for taking your pet on casual walks.

✔ Made of durable neoprene and can left on for the whole day.

✔ When properly fitted, male and female dogs can urinate and defecate with the harness on.

✔ Machine washable.

✔ Vet recommended.



The help they need is here. Not everybody can lift their dogs and help them the without the struggle and stress it puts on you and them.

With age, dogs sometimes need help due to muscle loss, weak bones or rehab due to surgery. 
Introducing The Hip sling lift harness!
It is made to help with all kinds of disabilities or after care surgeries to help them start walking again or lifting them as needed. 
Perfect for them and you, so it saves your back and adds confidence to them, knowing they can do it. 
It doesn't make them feel sorry for you having to pick them up. It's a known fact that its affects their feelings and willingness.



1. Applicable to old dogs with hind legs weakness and hind legs disabilities. 
2. Can support dog walking, climbing stairs, getting on the car, etc.
3. Adjustable contraction in the hand position and dog hip position.
4. Easy to wear on and take off
5. Convenient and easy to use.
6. Lightweight and breathable



A. Measure the circumference of the abdomen directly in front of the back legs.


B. Measure the circumference of the upper thigh (back leg) at the point where it meets the body.
S (Leg circumference: 25-35cm)
M (Leg circumference: 35-42cm)
L (Leg circumference: 42-52cm)
XL (Leg circumference: 52-64cm)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Ariane Kris

Hip Sling Lift

Alexandrea Nicolas

Very high quality

Marcelino Koepp

Good quality, comfortable for the dog, but size S is a bit too big for small breeds like papillon or others.

Trey Huels

Everything ok, it's perfect

Mireya Hudson

Our hairy has a back problem and can't walk well and thanks to this harness model we have managed to hold it to walk straight, and in a way I 'd say he's improved since he wasn't used to walking, he was crawling around the house. And now he's able to stand up for himself and walk. Let's just say it's some kind of "Rehab harness." We 've repeated the purchase to have a spare❤️ Fast delivery, about 10 days to Spain.

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